Mystery Fire Dragon Series ESC

If like me you are getting long in the tooth and the eysight is failing, these instructions may be of assistance to you for programming your model aircraft or helicopter ESC.
I had to use a magnifying glass to read the instruction enclosed with the original package.

The first thing to do is set the throttle range for your transmitter.
Carry out the following.

The ESC will make an initial beep and then two beeps in the first couple of seconds. IMMEDIATELY pull the throttle lever back down to zero. you will get a couple of confirmation beeps. I initially made the mistake of leaving it too long before zero'ing the throttle and the ESC then went into programming mode upsetting the settings.

Programming mode

Once you hear a musical tone, your ESC is in programming mode and cycles through continuously. There are 8 settings and the order after the musical tone is:-

Once you hear the setting you wish to change, move the throttle setting down quickly to zero and listen for the options to set. these will be either one, two or three short beeps. The options are:-

As soon as you hear the option you want, move the throttle lever back up to full. The ESC will continue to cycle through the program mode options. I found it less confusing if I wished to change a number of settings to wait each time after I made a change until I heard the musical chime and start counting from the top. Less chance of making an error. Once you have made all your changes, choose option number 8 (two long beeps to exit).

I hope this will be of help to you.

Tony Chandler.